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When you need “welding shops near me,” look no further than welding Anchorage! We have a wide variety of welding services for every occasion. Our professional welders are trained and certified to handle every situation. Give us a call today for a free estimate!

"It is difficult to get through to construction contractors at times, but that was never the case with this shop. Always got to speak to a human (and not automated messages) and they were always very helpful and knowledgeable." - Teresa B.

Welding Services

What sets us apart from other welding shops in Anchorage AK is our wide variety of services that we provide. Not only do we provide more services, but our welders are proficient enough to have the highest quality welding for all of these services as well. Searching for “welding near me” is a thing of the past, because you have found the last welding shop you need to look for! Take a look at a few of the many services found at Welding Anchorage.

Mobile Welding

We have the best mobile welding Anchorage has to offer. Our state of the art welding rigs are equipped with all of the necessary generator welders and hundreds of feet of leads to ensure we can tackle any type of project out in the field. Our welders are prepared for any climate and have a lot of experience welding in the snow so there is no job they cannot handle. When you need “mobile welders near me,” give Welding Anchorage a call and we will be there in a jiffy!

Commercial Welding

Our welding contractors have had their fair share of experience with new construction and structural welding throughout the years. We have consistently provided on time quality welding work to many general contractors over the years. We always stick to our pricing and produce the welding services on time, so you never have to worry about your welding budget or stress about the project being held back by welding services.

Residential Welding

Many of our projects involve large scale new construction or high output manufacturing of products. But our skills and services extend beyond large scale involvement, we also provide house call services for any occasion. There is no job too small for us to take on, so all those odd job welding projects around the house are perfect for our shop!

Welding Repair

We have seen our fair share of destruction to equipment both intentional and accidental, and that is where we step in. Our welders have worked with a wide array of metals and provided welding repair to these, including exotic metals like copper, titanium, and aluminum bronze. From large skid steers down to a snow machine, we have provided welding repairs to many times of equipment, feel free to bring us a new challenge!

Metal Fabrication

We thoroughly enjoy our custom metal fabrication projects because it gives us a chance to truly showcase our proficiencies and the creative minds that are at Welding Anchorage. We have had our fair share of challenges but none too difficult to deter our professional welders. Our shop has produced thousands of feet of custom handrails by means of engineered drawings and the brilliant minds of our welders. When you need “metal fabrication near me,” Welding Anchorage is the shop for you!

About Welding Anchorage

We appreciate you taking the time to look into the many welding and fabrication services welding Anchorage can provide. Some welding shops in Anchorage do not provide the amount of services we can, and that is where we step up to the plate and take action. We have the best welder Anchorage for every occasion. That is why when residents search “welding companies near me,” our shop always pops in at the top. Our shop has proficiencies in many welding processes, some of which include:

Pipe Welding - We have a long history of pipe welding in Anchorage. Many of our welders have earned the 6G pipe welding certification for unlimited thickness so you can always expect quality welding.

Aluminum Welding - We can provide some of the best aluminum welding Anchorage. We have had our fair share of sea vessels need repairs and maintenance, and that is where we have thrived by providing high quality aluminum work.

Fabricating - Whether you need a dozen schematic generated parts or custom welding one off products, our welders are trained and ready for any fabrication project.

Arc Welding - Also known as stick welding, it is a great process for outdoor use. It has a very high resistance to climate, wind, and rust giving it opportunity to weld in any conditions.

So the next time you need “welding companies near me,” consider Welding Anchorage to provide high quality welding services and exemplary customer service!

Many other welding companies in Anchorage AK cannot provide nearly as many welding fabrication services. Our shop is synonymous with “premier” when it comes to metal fabrication Anchorage AK. We have been providing Anchorage welding services for many years and our customers have become like family to us. We always do our best to communicate at all times and ensure you are well aware of everything regarding your welding services. Our goal is to maintain an open dialogue so you have a successful transaction. We abide by 3 basic principles in our shop and those include:

anchorage welder
  • On time delivery every time. Omitting unforeseen incidents, we guarantee we will hold ourselves to the time table we proposed in the quote. We understand time is money and sometimes people cannot afford to wait months for welding services.
  • High quality welding output. We have been providing Anchorage welding services that are matched by no other welding companies in Anchorage. We always hold our welders to high standards and they continually perform for us.
  • Affordable services. Welding can be an expensive service to need and we understand adding this into your budget is not always an easy task. We always do our best to provide the most affordable services we can, if our proposed quote is too much we will work with you to find a way to still provide our services.

We take pride in the fact that our welders have the ability to adapt to any situation and jump on any type of welder to get the job done. We value the customers satisfaction so having our welders so well trained has proven to the community our commitment to customer relations. We are one of the best welding companies in Anchorage AK, reach out to us today to find out why!

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Why Choose Our Metal Fabrication Anchorage AK

Our shop is home to the best welding contractors Anchorage AK. Our steel fabricators have been trained and certified in many welding processes like 6G pipe welding or 3G and 4G MIG and stick welding. When you need “welding services near me,” you can always count on Welding Anchorage to have the highest quality welding and fabrication. We have a highly trained and certified staff of welders that have seen just about every type of weld job out there. They are all proficient with the following equipment:

Spot Welder - Typically we save this piece of equipment for sheet metal work. When a sheet metal project comes through the door this is an excellent tool for welding pieces together.

TIG Welder (Tungsten Inert Gas) - A very clean welding process due to the lack of flux, TIG is the hardest process to learn but when perfected the welds look like a piece of art. We have spent most of our time using TIG for ornamental production and stainless steel pipe.

MIG Welder (Metal Inert Gas) - Often called “wire feed” welding, MIG is a great starter or hobby welder. Extremely versatile and easy to learn, many beginners start on one of these machines.

Stick Welder - The dirtiest but most effective form of welding. Stick is great for the outdoors due to its resistance to wind and neglect for impedances to the welds. Especially effective for a welder Anchorage, where a majority of our mobile welding services are outdoors.

These are just an example of what our best welders are capable of, but their skills are not limited to just these machines. The next time you need “welders near me,” consider Welding Anchorage for the highest quality welding services you have ever seen. Feel free to submit our easy to use online request form or reach out to us via email, phone or stopping by the shop to go over your next project or talk about all things welding and fabrication!

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What to Expect From Our Anchorage Metal Fabrication

We ensure that all of our Anchorage welders are prepared for the different welding projects that may come through our shop. We administer periodic welding tests to help keep their skills sharp and so they know where they stand. This has caused them to compete with each other and inevitably perform better to be the best welder they possibly can be. Our transactions are always transparent and stress free. A typical transaction occurs like below:

Before We Contact You

Submit your online request form with a detailed narrative of the welding services you require. This can be submitted online, send drawings through email, call our shop with your narrative, or come by the shop and discuss what is needed.

After Contact

We will begin by analyzing your narrative or inspecting your drawings for various aspects of the welding job.

After we establish a cost for all parts and labor we will reach out to you to discuss everything involved with our services.

If you agree to the terms and completely understand the services (we are more than happy to continue communicating until you are 100% sure) then we get to work!

The Fabrication Process

The first step for the metal fabricators is to procure the necessary sections of metal for the job. This may include cutting, brazing, grinding, or sanding to get the necessary pieces prepped for welding.

After the pieces are all cut to the drawing dimensions and have been prepped, the welder begins fabricating all of the pieces together.

Post Fabrication

We analyze the final product and ensure all drawing specifications have been met and are acceptable.

If applicable, we have the capabilities to provide powder coat painting for your product.

You come by the shop to inspect the part and verify dimensions and quality for yourself.

You leave a happy customer!

We always keep communication tight throughout the process so you are never left in the dark or feel questionable about the services. If you want to find out why customers in Anchorage keep coming back to our shop, do not hesitate to reach out for a free estimate!

About Anchorage Alaska

Anchorage Alaska takes up a huge amount of land mass throughout the state. With only 78 square miles of urban living space, the entirety of Anchorage takes up a whopping 1800 square miles of land and water. Still, this is only a blip on the radar considering how large the state of Alaska is, Anchorage also holds 40% of the entire state's population with only 250,000 residents. Aside from New York, no other state in the United States has a percentage of residents that high who live in the most populous city.

Anchorage has beautiful landscapes sprawling across the state with a lot to see. There are many outdoor wilderness tours to explore the vast country sides of the city. There are trolley tours throughout the city of Anchorage, Wildlife and Glacier tours, the Alaska Railroad Aurora Winter Express from Anchorage to Fairbanks, or for those that are very adventurous they offer a Glacier Landing Tour from Girdwood which tours the glacial landscapes by helicopter. As vast as the land is surrounding Anchorage there are not many nearby cities. Some of the cities on the outskirts are:

  • Palmer, AK
  • Big Lake, AK
  • Meadows Lake, AK
  • Point MacKenzie, AK
  • Houston, AK
  • Whittier, AK
  • Portage, AK
  • Many other surrounding areas

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a welder do?

We love to answer this question because we take pride in our work. We see welding and fabrication as an art. A Welder will take two like metals (typically, but not always) and fuses them together by melting both metals with a red hot electrode that has a very high current running through it. As the two like metals melt, the welder then inserts more welding material between the metals turning two pieces into one.

How much does it cost to get something welded?

We provide free quotes, so give us a call so we can determine what your welding project will cost!

What does it mean to fabricate?

We offer many different metal fabrication services that involve welding, cutting, torching, and grinding pieces of metal together for any particular project.

Seeing as the amount of services available is pretty slim out here, I was sure the cost of my welding project would be through the roof. I was pleasantly surprised to find their services very affordable. I would recommend trying out Welding Anchorage.

Blake Fairmont

You never know what you are going to get when requesting welding services, a lot of times it works, but is not very pretty. Every inch of welding on my job was immaculate. You could not ask for better welding.

Alexander W.

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We have some of the best custom metal fabrication Anchorage AK has to offer. When you need the best Anchorage welder, you can count on Welding Anchorage. Our wide variety of services has allowed us to grow as a company and accept every job that comes through the door. We love to serve the residents of our community and help out any way we can. Our shop consistently produces high quality welding work in a timely fashion.

If you want to know what it is like to receive the best welding services Anchorage then give us a call today for a free estimate! Here at Welding Anchorage we have made it easy for customers to get through to us by providing a hassle free submittal form on our website. But you can also contact us via email, phone, or stop by our welding shop to talk about all things fabrication!

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